Connecting Torah and Technology

Who we are?

Tmarim organization was establish in purpose to offer solution for internet-based companies that operate 24/7 and wish to "Keep Shabbat".

Tmarim helps its clients meaningfully reduce the probability of major failures in their service during Shabbat that and in case of such failures provide ways of solving them without "Chilul Shabbat".

Tmarim is a none-for-profit organization that stands on 3 pillars:

(1) build and run the greatest 24/7 up-time solution

to the Israeli hi-tech industry

(2) advancing minorities (non-Jews) in Israel

and offer an opportunity to join of the hi-tech world

(3) reduce "Chilul Shabbat" in Israel.

Our challenge

Technological companies with large customer base, are being required to provide 24X7 availability as well as immediate solution resolving and problems correction.

Tmarim works with growing companies that shifts from development to production and needs to provide an appropriate Service Level Agreement to their customers with our Chilul Shabbat.

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