How does Tmarim operates?

Tmarim in an NGO that work under Givaat Shmuel Kolel. in the future we intend to create an independent NGO

Who is a typical Tmarim customer?

Tmarim approaches high tech companies that are active in the internet area and needs to provide 24X7 services. Our solutions can be adapted according to the company size and needs.

Do you have active customers today?

Yes, we do. We have few customers that are using the Kosher NOC services.

What is the Kosher NOC?

Tmarim cooperates with MoovingOn that operates Control Center and provides Monitoring and Control Services. The cooperation enables to operate the NOC in Shabbat by non-Jewish experts according to the Shabbat rules.

What are Tmarim future plans?

As of today, we have several cooperation with NGOs and commercial companies that promotes non-Jewish employment. This type of cooperation with increase the non-Jewish DevOps and will enable to scale up our activities.